An ultrasound is necessary to confirm pregnancy and determine your pregnancy options. If you are considering abortion, you will need an ultrasound to know which type of abortion procedure you qualify for. Ultrasounds confirm three important details of pregnancy, including:

  1. If your pregnancy is viable (progressing)
  2. The location of your pregnancy (if it’s growing inside the uterus)
  3. How far along you are (the gestational age)

If you have any pregnancy complications, an ultrasound will alert you. If you’re experiencing anything like a miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy (where the pregnancy grows outside the uterus), an abortion would not be necessary. In some cases, you would need to seek medical attention from a doctor right away.

Schedule a free and confidential ultrasound at our center to confirm all three of these details and receive clarity today. Be informed and confidently move forward in your pregnancy.